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Research Projects

Our Current Focus

Bioinformatics model and pipeline development to integrate
bulk/single-cell/spatial omics data


Functional consequence of somatic mosaicism in aging and cancer


Multi-omics integration to improve clinical diagnosis and treatment


project : AI model to infer SV breakpoint from single-cell epigenome (database for scDNA-seq)

project : AI based inference of lncRNA expression from scATAC-seq

project : Detection of ecDNA from single-cells

project : Bioinformatics pipeline in 
multi-omics analysis

project : Detection and exploration of
functional consequence of 
SVs on 3D genome 

project : Bone Marrow aging and Clonal hematopoiesis (Collaborator : Dr. Karen Grimes, Dr. Ashley Sanders, Prof. Jan Korbel, )

project : Tumor heterogeneity induced by drug (Collaborator : Prof. Jan Korbel, Maja Starostacka)

project : Tumor heterogeneity in complex karyotype AML (Collaborator : Dr. Karen Grimes, Dr. Ashley Sanders, Prof. Jan Korbel, Prof. Andreas Trummp)

project : T cell heterogeneity (Collaborator : Prof. Je-Min Choi)

project : Cellular heterogeneity in liver diseases (Collaborator : Prof. Dae Won Jun)

project : Multi-omics analysis of PDAC initiation (Collaborator : Prof. Boyoun Park)

project : Dissect the functional role of novel TFs in immune system

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