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PI profile


Hyobin Jeong

2024.03~ Assistant Professor, Systems Biology Department, Yonsei University

2022.09-2024.02- Research Professor, Hanyang Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology

2017.12-2022.08- EMBL, Heidelberg, Postdoc fellow

2016-2017- Institute of Molecular Biology, Mainz, Postdoc fellow

2015 Institute of Basic Science, Korea, Postdoc fellow

2011-2014 I-Bio, Systems Biology, Ph.D, POSTECH

2007-2010 Chemical engineering, POSTECH

Research interests:

  • Systems Biology of somatic mosaicism in aging and cancer

  • Computational tool development for Single-cell multi-omics

  • Disease marker discovery using multi-omics integration

Future research plan: Single-cell multi-omics to dissect genome-epigenome interaction

  • Dissection of epigenetic substructure of tumor and their impact on DNA instability

  • Investigation of local chromatin environment which triggers genetic rearrangement

  • AI-based modeling of gene expression and their perturbation caused by somatic mutations

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